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Detailed information on storing floors in our warehouses and during transportation

All our 3D Panel Walls, Handmade and Custommade Floors are stored in thermoplastic packaging (thermo-stretching foil) and thus the product retains the same quality throughout. They are not to be opened prior to the day of installation. They are transported on pallets undergoing thermal treatment and being free from all harmful insects. Finally, the entire pallet is re-plasticized into the same foil again to keep everything in place and protect the load from the outside moisture.


Our mosaics are packed in hard board boxes 1m2/box and if dimensions are bigger than 30x30cm in thermoplastic packaging (thermo-stretching foil), while the Concept + products are carefully protected, air bubble foiled and delivered on pallets.


All wooden planks “Massive Line” are placed in separate packages of 5 pieces, falling lengths, or 8 planks per package depending on which varieties are ordered. Since they are delivered in descending lengths up to 2000mm, we make sure that they are packed as tightly as possible with the longest plank on the bottom and then in complementary lengths for example. 1500mm + 500mm, 1600mm + 400mm lying on top. The pallet dimensions are length 2m X height 1.1m X 1-1.5m width and it can accommodate 75-90m2. The pallet contains a detailed specification in the form of an easy-to-read table with all dimensions and exactly how many planks exist under each length, which classes the pallet contains, and the area expressed in m2. Our truck can deliver between 1,500m2-2000m2 per occasion.


How we do it

All our Wooden Floors are made to the most part of the noblest of the oaks Quercus Robur, which is known since Roman times for its beautiful golden color and its finest structure. With the finest raw material and latest technology, UV treatment, hard waxing, scraping, thermal treatment, we manufacture beautiful floors and 3D panels that resist the wear and tear of life, are easy to maintain and can hold well in the future.
All our wooden floors are mostly handmade and custom made. They are glued to the floor surface and have all four beveled edges. Depending on the collection they are treated with different colors such as Danish WOCA tint and german Loba varnish, belgium Rubio Monocoat, Eurofins Gold medal winner with 0% VOC and finally Osmos hard wax oil which give you a beautiful and durable floor for very long time. Our floors are divided in following classes: Select, Nature1, Nature and Rustic.


Our 3D Panel Walls are thermally treated and dried in controlled conditions. We use no retardants to enhance their resistance to fire, yet we have created products which not only fulfill all the CE requirements, but also impress architects and interior designers.


Our Natural Stone Mosaics are well preserved water resistant already from the factory line and treated so that they can be mounted directly. We recommend though final treatment in order to protect the grout between mosaic pieces.
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Who we are & what we do


Wooden floors of the highest quality

MN TOP FLOOR AB is a limited liability company that works closely and directly with established manufacturers of solid wooden floors, 3D Panel Walls and finest porcelain mosaics. All our products are CE certified and of the highest quality.



We at MN TOP FLOOR strive for a sustainable development by using renewable resources. We use raw materials which nature has created long way back in past starting with several hundred years old fossil oak logs recovered from the bottoms of European rivers, recycled oak barrels with their beautiful color shades and old oak beams with their genuine patina formed over years by natural effects. Our skillful artisans process the materials in old-fashioned manner letting them keep the original patina and the spirit of the past, but at the same time giving every single piece of wood, natural stone or porcelain a new life through a modern touch, new shapes and new elegance. For more detailed information in other languages and about technical data please download our catalogue.”


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